AthensBook for Android 1.0

AthensBook for Android 1.0 is the culmination of several months of hard work and a huge step forward for our Android release. This version contains a revamped Restaurants section and massive improvements in the application core services. As always it is available in Google Play for free.

AthensBook 2.0.0 for iOS »

Cosmical Technology is proud to announce the immediate availability of AthensBook 2.0.0 for iOS.

AthensBook for Windows 8

Cosmical Technology is proud to announce the availability of the first release of AthensBook for Windows 8 devices. In partnership with Susuko Maka LLC and Microsoft, Cosmical ported AthensBook to the Windows 8 Metro environment in the short period of a few weeks and the application is already available in the Windows 8 Release Preview store.